Knowing how to promote your business on Instagram is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. Instagram has 1 billion monthly users and 700 million daily users. Out of these, more than 400 million people use Instagram stories regularly. Additionally, 72% of Instagrammers have purchased products or services on the platform. 

With these stats, Instagram has proven a successful social media marketing platform. Many brands are choosing Instagram to promote their brand and business. Because it is a huge platform with potential users, and they are very much interested in buying products on Instagram. Read this article to know how to grow your business on Instagram. 

1. Post A Long Videos

Instagram launched IGTV on June 20, 2018, it allows users to upload long videos for up to 10 minutes, and verified users can upload up to 1-hour videos. IGTV is one of the best Instagram features to grow your business on the platform. Create informative videos to give additional knowledge about your brands. Posting longer videos on Instagram helps you to receive more likes and views for your videos. Also, you can buy IGTV views to increase your Instagram TV video views. When a video gets more views and likes, it will be featured on the explore page. 

2. Tap Into Your Business Hashtags

Hashtags have the potential to direct your followers to your Instagram account. Hashtags categorize your content, so it makes people easier to find and follow your account. Research says content with at least one hashtags gets more engagement than content without hashtags. If you are promoting a brand on Instagram, use branded hashtags for better results. Here are some hashtags strategies everyone should know to improve their business. 

  • Add a hashtag in your Instagram bio
  • Follow your business-related hashtags
  • Include the hashtag in your comment session
  • Use hashtags in your Instagram stories
  • Use branded hashtags in each post

3. Play With Instagram Stories And Live

Stories are at the top of the Instagram home screen, and it has the power to attract more audience to your account. Alos stories are the best place to showcase your brand to a wider Instagram audience. Post compelling stories with creative stickers that help you know what your audience is thinking about your brand. Since stories disappear within 24 hours, it has the potential to reach a massive audience. Additionally, go live once or twice a week to build a relationship with your audience. 

4. Post Regularly

Posting regularly is one of the best ways to keep your followers connected to your brand. Post-high-quality content at the peak time to reach your target audience. Always maintain the same posting time because posting at different times will not help you reach the right audience. Instagram research says, posting 2 to 3 times every day will give a great result, and it will increase your post engagement. Analyze your Instagram insights and learn which is the best time to post to attract your audience. 

5. Create Instagram reels

Reels launched on August 5, 2020, and it allows users and content creators to create 15 second videos with music. Instagram reels is a new feature that is similar to TikTok. Many brands are using reels to showcase their brand and increase their brand awareness. Create educational videos using reels to get more views and likes, or you can buy Instagram reels likes to increase your likes count instantly to your video.  

6. Track Your Analytics

Use Instagram analytics to check how each post is performing on the platform. Instagram only allows business accounts to check their metrics. If you have a personal account, switch your account to a business profile. After converting your account, you can see “view insights” on each post. Click those taps to track your post-performance. After knowing your analytics, create user-like content to increase your likes and views. Add these six tips while creating a winning Instagram marketing strategy.