How did TikTok become so popular?

What made TikTok so famous in such a short period? We may thank the COVID-19 epidemic for its success. During the early months, viewers who found themselves spending so much time at home began viewing more short-term videos and seeking video content with high-quality graphics and storytelling techniques.

As a general trend, mobile device users spend a growing amount of time on games, video, and social apps. TikTok satisfies two of these criteria by providing an entertainment and social networking platform. Thus, it continues to beat competing applications and permits personal expression, at least for now.

How does TikTok function?

When you sign up for TikTok, you’re presented with a home page filled with video content from the individuals you follow. As a new user, you’ll receive suggestions for exciting and famous accounts in your geographic location.

Additional video content is available by browsing down the page or by selecting Discover. This page displays the most popular effects, hashtags, and sounds, and the most viewed video content in every category. You may engage with video content by watching, like, sharing them, or commenting on it when you create an account.

On smartphones, you may capture and upload video content directly. This function is accessed by touching the (+) option at your screen’s bottom. You may select the duration of your video content in this mode (anywhere from 15 seconds to 3 minutes). Additionally, you may rotate the camera, change the speed of the video, and apply effects such as great filters.

TikTok, in general, has a primary interface with intuitive navigation, which adds to its success.


#learnontiktok is a perfect hashtag for content that is instructive or informative. This category contains stories that explain various subjects, including scientific principles, personal economic advice, and historical events. The concept behind #learnontiktok is for users to discover excellent information that can help them enhance their education and broaden their horizons.

It is a famous hashtag category with over 124 billion views to date. Additionally, because the stuff on #learnontiktok is so broad, it provides a chance to focus on what your brand or website can give consumers. This type of content acquires more engagements organically, and also you can boost up the reach instantly if you buy likes on TikTok to gain engagement in a short time. It helps your TikTok content to reach maximum eyeballs on the platform and may increase your ROI effectively.

These videos are often lengthier than those in the #lifehacks category, which allows you to supplement your current video content with more thorough instructions. For instance, you might elaborate on how to start a small brand from scratch.

Bear in mind that TikTok is a visual medium; thus, merely presenting your stuff may not suffice. By including music and visual elements into your descriptions, you can engage visitors curious about your business and its services or products.


#2018vs2021 is a great hashtag that people use to compare their past and present selves through comedy. This video content aims to demonstrate how TikTok users have evolved and developed over the previous few years.

Because #2018vs2021 is a trending subject, it has a significantly lesser reach of 451 million views. However, since we are only halfway through 2021, there is still colossal time to attend to the trend. That implies you may capitalize on it while the tag is relevant.

While many #2018vs2021 video content is humorous, you may utilize the hashtag to promote your brand and website. For instance, you might highlight significant milestones in your company’s progress that distinguish it from 3 years ago. Additionally, you may showcase new goods or enhancements to your existing product line.

You may choose to make your videos humorous to fit in with most video content in this tag area. Nonetheless, there is no reason why you cannot use this style to highlight significant company milestones.