How To Do Winning Instagram Giveaway?

Instagram contests are a great method to promote your company, build loyalty among your audience, and attract new followers. In addition, by using appropriate hashtags, you may increase leads for your small business by reaching a wider audience.

In this post, we’ll outline a simple 7-step process for hosting an Instagram giveaway. How to select winners at random for an Instagram contest or giveaway will also be discussed.

Should we jump right in?

What’s the deal with Instagram’s contests?

Instagram campaigns that provide freebies in exchange for followers’ behaviours tend to be the most successful.

These interactions might take the form of following the brand’s Instagram account, commenting on posts, or tagging friends in posts. High-quality giveaways typically include tasks for participants to do on other social media platforms in order to increase exposure for the giveaway and click-throughs to the original Instagram post.

Is It Worth It to Hold an Instagram Contest?

The most popular brands do giveaways on Instagram because…

  • Accumulate more fans on Instagram.
  • Expand your brand’s reach to new people.
  • Market Freshware
  • Building relationships with your target audience is the greatest technique to attract more visitors to your website via the use of giveaways and contests. Freebies are a great way to get people excited about your campaign and make them feel appreciated.

That kind of helpful content will boost your Instagram marketing and encourage people to convert into paying clients.

Hosting an Instagram giveaway has been shown to increase your following by 70% in 3 months, compared to not holding one at all.

A Detailed Guide to Organizing a Successful Instagram Contest

With an understanding of what an Instagram giveaway is and why it would be beneficial for your company, we can go on to discussing the nuts and bolts of organising a successful Instagram giveaway.

Step 1: Determine the Purpose of Your Instagram Contest

Confirming your objectives is the first step in learning how to host a successful Instagram giveaway. Knowing why you’re hosting a giveaway can help you fine-tune your approach. When the competition is complete, you may use this metric to assess whether or not the final outcomes met your original objectives.

Consider what you hope to accomplish with the giveaway. You might have a single aim or several.

Here are some possible manifestations of such aims:

  • To boost your Instagram following, hold a contest.
  • Boost your number of newsletter signups.
  • Drive more people to a certain web page to expand your readership.
  • Get the word out about cutting-edge offerings.
  • Gather UGC from your audience and utilise it in your advertising.
  • Advertise a product you’re selling.
  • To increase interaction, you need more likes on Instagram.
  • One of the most important things to keep in mind regarding your objectives is to keep score rapidly.

Step 2: Determine Eligibility for Your Contest

The entry conditions for an Instagram contest are the activities you’d want potential entrants to complete in exchange for entries. The best approach to entry might change based on your strategic objectives.

Some common requirements for participating in a giveaway, along with some possible motivations for doing so, are as follows:

If you want to get the word out about your brand, have people share the giveaway post.
Get people to sign up for a newsletter so you can grow your email list.
Increase your social media following by encouraging others to follow your profiles.
Encourage readers to weigh in by commenting on recent posts.
Make it a requirement for users to contribute user-generated content (UGC) photos and to tag friends in the comments for extra points.

Step 3: Pick a Giveaway Prize for Instagram

Choosing an Instagram giveaway is a crucial part of organising your promotion. Determine your final aim before making a decision.

If so, a copy of it should be offered to the winner as a prize. Is it because it’s the holiday season? Then, something like a gift card or seasonal ornament might be appropriate.

Step 4: Choose an Effective Instagram Hashtag

You may already be aware that hashtags are a useful tool for navigating Instagram. If you use a widely used hashtag on Instagram, your giveaway may be included in the Explore feed. That will help more Instagram users find your contest and enhance its exposure.

Step 5: Initiate your Instagram contest by establishing rules

It’s important to establish guidelines before holding an Instagram giveaway. Without clear rules and restrictions, your contest might quickly devolve into chaos, with participants confused about their participation requirements and whether or not they qualify.

Instagram, more crucially, has its own guidelines for advertising.

According to Instagram’s promotional standards, a disclaimer absolving Instagram of duty should be included.

Step 6: Limit the Duration of the Giveaway

Now that you’ve clarified the regulations, it’s time to let folks know how long they have to enter your offer.

To achieve this, just include a time restriction in the terms of your contest. Another option is to utilise RafflePress to advertise the giveaway on many sites.

Because of its many features that allow you to make excellent viral giveaways and turbocharge business development, RafflePress is the finest solution available for making an Instagram giveaway.

Step 7: Advertise Your Instagram Contest

Don’t expect people to enter your contest if you do nothing. You should start advertising it right away if you want to attract plenty of participants.

Putting a link to your giveaway page in your Instagram profile and sharing an announcement post on Instagram are the two most effective ways to get the word out about your contest.