TikTok Trends: How To Exploit Popular Content For Business

Why Companies Should Consider TikTok

The total count reason anyone gets on TikTok is for the organic traffic. No other platform delivers that degree of visibility, which is particularly valuable to enterprises.

The idea of virality is exhilarating and may be life-changing. You’re surely aware with the massively famous video of TikTok user Doggface on his skateboard, relaxing to Fleetwood Mac. He took a gulp of cranberry juice, glanced at the camera, lip-synced the lyrics, and went viral. TikTok appreciates real, true moments like that.

As a company on TikTok, though, you don’t need to become viral or have hundreds of thousands of followers to be successful. You only need the appropriate following. As with marketing on Instagram, you don’t need 10K followers and the Swipe-Up function to generate money. You merely need to attract your ideal followers. In the same vein, TikTok is similarly affected.

How Using TikTok Trending Can Help You Get More Exposure

TikTok is an app built on trends. As a business, utilising trends allows you to exhibit your individuality, take use of the fun and engaging aspect of the app, and obtain more visibility.

A video’s trendingness may be traced back to a few key elements, most notably its recurring musical theme or lyrical subject matter. Trends are popular and exciting, and it’s good to execute your own version of them. It’s not considered duplicating someone’s content as it would be on another platform.

1: Search for TikTok Trending Surrounding Current Events

The first form of trend on TikTok is hot topics. These are trends based on popular current events. The day after the Super Bowl, there was a torrent of posts of individuals reenacting the performance by the singer The Weeknd. When there was bad weather in Texas this winter, several films about it went viral.

2: Browse the Explore Page for TikTok Trending

What you’ll see on TikTok’s Explore tab is an alternative form of trend. These are the handpicked trends that TikTok publishes everyday. These include trending hashtags, noises, effects, and branded trends that corporations pay to be promoted. 

3: Identify Up-and-Coming TikTok Trends

The third sort of TikTok trend is up-and-coming trends. They could have only a few thousand videos based on them but have the potential to be incredibly successful. As you may think, these trends are a little difficult to discover yet offer the most potential for development.

One of the issues with trends on TikTok is that they don’t endure long. Before lasting 7-10 days, they now often only make it 3-5 days before users start ignoring them on the For You page. So, you should capitalise on these movements before they become oversaturated on the Explore page.

The question is how to identify a developing trend.

Here’s the secret. Everyone’s For You page is tailored depending on the sort of material they view and connect with. So if you engage largely with small company TikTok, your feed will reflect that. If you want to notice emerging trends early, you need to expose yourself to material outside of your specific field.

One answer would be to establish a second empty TikTok account where you don’t engage with anything, follow anyone, or post anything. Basically, you may utilise it to navigate the For You section. A lot of the artists, songs, and videos you view here won’t be available on your primary account.

4: Make a Video Based on a TikTok Trend

To achieve the greatest results from a trend video, you need to make it fit within your niche and brand and put your own mark on it.

It’s not recommended to start trends by simply imitating someone else, such as while dancing or lip syncing to music, as these types of content seldom make it to the Explore page. No one likes to see you mimic anything, especially if they’ve seen it before and know how it turns out. If you want to succeed, you have to put your own stamp on it.