The Top Analytics Tools For Social Media

There is a plethora of social media analytics tools available to help you build and fine-tune your company’s social media strategy.

You may learn a lot about your target audience’s demographics, the most effective hashtags to employ, the most popular social networks, and more using high-quality social media analytics. This data is crucial for the development of effective social media management and digital marketing plans.

Nevertheless, not all platforms provide the same level of functionality in terms of social media analytics. If you’re a marketer, you need access to the data provided by the following social media analytics tools.

Tracking and Reporting using Google Analytics

Although it’s not a dedicated social media analytics tool, Google Analytics can show you which channels are sending you the most visitors. You can find out which social media channels are sending the most people to your site, and you can learn interesting facts about your visitors and how they found your website.

We Use Hootsuite’s Analytics To:

Paid but well worth it, this app compiles data from all of your social network accounts in one convenient dashboard. You can see how well each of your social media postings performed and how many new followers you gained on each site. Hootsuite Analytics also includes exportable, modifiable tracking templates for use in generating social media analytics reports.

Grow Your Social Network Using Sprout

With Sprout Social, you can track the success of your social media marketing efforts across several channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.

Identifying your most successful content, comprehending your engagement rate, assessing the efficacy of each of your social media accounts, and more can be accomplished with the assistance of pre-formatted and easily modified reports based on your KPIs.


Socialbakers offers an all-inclusive analytics solution, covering all of your accounts and networks in one place.

The publishing tools include access to sentiment analysis, predictive analysis for choosing which Facebook posts to enhance, and competitive analysis for gauging your company’s social media performance in comparison to the competition.

Moreover, Socialbakers provides digital persona mapping to help you zero in on your ideal reader before you start writing content for them.

Suite de Commerce Meta (Formerly Facebook Business Suite)

By the end of June, Facebook will no longer provide access to its previous analytics dashboard. When you’re ready, launch Meta Business Suite. Meta Business Suite allows you to track trends and gather data about your target demographic, in addition to managing your accounts.

Statistics for Twitter

Three distinct components make up Twitter Analytics. Information about your account’s interactions and impressions, your most popular Tweets, and the efficacy of your Twitter ads can all be monitored in the account home, the Tweet Activity Dashboard (TAD), and the campaign dashboard.

Analytics for Instagram

To get Instagram Insights, you need not pay a dime. It tells you how many people are viewing your material and how they are discovering it, as well as how well each of your pieces performed. In addition to helping you choose the best time to post content on the platform, this tool may also tell you about the demographics of your audience.

A Competing Intelligence

With the help of Rival Intelligence, you can easily monitor your rivals’ social media activity and identify their areas of SEO success.

If you want to see how your rivals have been doing over the course of a year and a half, use our brand monitoring and social media management tool to collect historical data for up to that period. Analyzing your rivals’ social media profiles might help you develop a more effective approach to your own profiles and spot gaps in their coverage.


In terms of statistics, Talkwalker provides much more than just simple metrics like interaction rate and number of followers. You may look at who was mentioned, who wrote what, and who had a significant impact. You may use this data to monitor social media outside of your own to see when people are talking about your company and respond appropriately. It’s a fantastic asset for promoting your business.


Everyone who is serious about their data needs quintly. With more than 350 critical indicators, this analytics tool monitors all of your social media platforms and allows you to build custom reports, review your benchmarks, and modify your reporting to meet the specific demands of your company.

Using social media metrics to your advantage

The data gathered by these robust social media analytics systems is useful, but its true value lies in your interpretation and application of those findings. With the Report Builder in Jotform, you can easily collect your statistics into reports that your marketing team, social media managers, CEO, and other team members can comprehend.

The quality and efficacy of your social media content may be enhanced by including social media analytics into your social media marketing strategy. In other words, you’ll want to refine your marketing plan, create more effective social media campaigns, and boost the outcomes of your efforts.

These analytics tools come at a variety of price points, making them affordable even for those on a limited budget. Furthermore, there are often no cost variations of these instruments.