How To Grow Instagram Followers?

With the shift to engagement-based algorithms by social media sites, a huge fan base is less important than an actively used page. In fact, depending on where they land in the engagement algorithm, a business with 2 million followers might earn less likes each post than a brand with 2,000 followers. Having a huge following is helpful, but remember that quality content and a high interaction rate are more critical to your brand’s success on social media.

Brand recognition and trust may be increased by amassing a sizable following. However, having over 10,000 followers as a company on Instagram is crucial, since this enables connecting potential in their narrative. Instagram only provides one reliable chance to link to a brand’s website, therefore the ability to link in the story is crucial. (in your bio). For our customers, Instagram’s new in-story linking feature has resulted in a 400% boost in website traffic and a plethora of new tracking possibilities for Instagram Influencer campaigns.

If you want to build your Instagram following to over 10,000 in less than 6 months, try using these strategies and apps.

Obtain a Growth-Oriented Participation Device

The market currently offers a plethora of Instagram development instruments. These resources help you attract more followers by finding people who meet your specified criteria and interacting with them. Followers of a certain account (such as a rival or a complementary brand), geography, hashtags, and other parameters can be used here.

Instagram is tightening down on sponsored methods of growing a following, even though technically you’re not “buying” the follow but rather paying for interaction. In the past six months, Instagram has shut down a number of popular growth and engagement tools, and it appears they intend to continue this trend.

Among the various online choices, Boostgram (at $100/mo per account) and Rocket Social (at $15-60/mo per account) stand out. Unlike many Instagram scheduling solutions, Boostgram does not force you to publish in real time through a push notification, hence we highly suggest it.
To manually implement this method, start by compiling a list of companies that either directly compete with or compliment your own. From here, follow 10–50 accounts daily and like their photographs; you should see interaction return to your account. If the number of individuals your brand is following grows too large, remember to execute weekly “unfollow” sweeps.

Request That Your Followers Tag Their Pals

Getting your audience interested might be as easy as using the word “as.” Tell your audience to tag a buddy who can connect when employing engagement-based posts (such as quotes, gifs, or memes). The practise of tagging friends in memes has become ubiquitous on social media, and it’s great for companies looking to increase their exposure.

This highlights the significance of providing a wide range of promotional and interactive material. The likelihood of a client “liking” a promotional post is lower than the likelihood of them clicking on it. You may also increase the number of tags on your Instagram photos by holding a social contest in which participants must tag two or three of their Facebook friends to enter. This easy request not only boosts your page’s engagement and reach, but also yields more submissions than just asking your followers to share a photo. 

So, not only can a contest like this increase engagement with the original article, but it may also boost the visibility of your subsequent updates in the News Feed. Your followers are more likely to tag others they believe would also be interested in the prize or the business if they are encouraged to do so in a contest like this, making it a terrific method to reach new prospective consumers. It’s possible that the people you’ve tagged will participate and add two more people to the loop. It’s a certain way to get people involved and attract new fans.

Advertise Your Instagram Account on Busier Sites

Instagram virgin? You probably have a bigger following somewhere else. Whether it’s an email list, a fan base on Facebook, a following on Twitter, etc… These more popular sites are ideal for attracting new Instagram followers

Do Stuff and Share the Love

The easiest strategy to increase your following is to actively connect with your audience. What’s the greatest strategy to increase participation? Involve your listeners. It’s a terrific method to get more people talking about your company, boost engagement, and create brand advocates when you like, comment, and follow your customers and fans.

Having an active Instagram profile that regularly posts user photographs and replies to comments is a great way to attract new followers and customers. People are social creatures and, ultimately, want to stick with the crowd. Your brand’s personality should shine through in the way you handle the online community.

Good content, a well-known company name, high following incentives, and other variables can all contribute to a sizable Instagram audience. While there are strategies for rapidly expanding your fan base, you’ll want to keep your brand actively engaged and producing high-quality content to keep your fan base engaged. Having at least 10,000 Instagram followers is extremely valuable for companies. In less than 6 months, your brand may become an industry leader with the help of quality content and some careful planning.