A Comprehensive Guide: Link Building ROI

Many of the ideas presented here were inspired by an article written by Cody West for the traffic think tank.

Businesses frequently contact us asking for our help because they think link building is the magic bullet that will finally take them to the top of the search engine results page.

The chances of success, though, decrease significantly if you don’t know why you’re putting time and effort into link building and what you hope to achieve.

To what end does link building serve?

Google is notoriously secretive, yet even they have acknowledged that content and links are the two most essential ranking factors.

Both Ahrefs and Brian Dean’s research show that links are the most important component in search engine rankings.

The Bedrock of a Rewarding Link-Building Effort

Our link building firm has worked with hundreds of businesses of varying sizes and industries, so we’ve seen it all.

Many sites use our managed link building service because they know it will increase their search traffic.

However, many of them lack the necessary infrastructure.

Onpage SEO

You can’t expect to outrank the competition in search results by stuffing rocket fuel into an old Reliant Robin (a British automobile that could only go 100 kilometres per hour) and hoping to outrun a Ferrari.

Construct a Ferrari

Link building can only do so much if your website is essentially inferior to the competition in terms of user experience, speed, content, and structure.

When two vehicles with identical specifications are “fed” by the same amount of backlinks, the superior vehicle will always rank higher.

Making Stuff

When it comes to SEO, content is a close second. A well-thought-out content strategy built around carefully selected keywords is essential for SEO success.

You need SEO-savvy content writers, and you can help them out with SurferSEO and other similar tools.
Thinking About the Consequences

There are several aspects to weigh when weighing the potential benefits against the potential risks associated with using a link building service like ours.


What this comes down to is how much money can be made from people finding your site through natural search results. Investing a lot of money on links, no matter how attractive they may seem, is not a good idea if the rankings you achieve from link building aren’t converting to sales.
Vampire-related blogs, on the other hand, may have decent search potential, but very little monetization potential.

Furthermore, not all businesses need to worry about SEO because their sector does not have much room for growth in organic search results.

Industry and Locational Challenges

Knowing your industry’s heavy hitters and the steps necessary to start garnering search traffic for some of your targeted keywords (even the low-hanging fruit) is crucial.

To compete with the established online casinos for organic search traffic in mature areas like the United Kingdom, a brand-new entrant will need substantial financial support and a clear strategy for the future.

Potential for Traffic

Estimating possible site visits is a simple process. We research the competition in your industry and the keywords we hope to rank for using Ahrefs.
In most cases, Ahrefs is the most precise tool for estimating organic search potential. In my opinion, it’s for the best that they consistently underestimate traffic volumes, as this prevents us from having any inflated expectations.


How far can you go with search engine optimisation and link building?

Investment in content marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) is particularly high in the SaaS industry because of the high potential for growth.

HubSpot is an excellent example because it is the top customer relationship management (CRM) firm in the world from an SEO perspective.

It’s astonishing how many various markets they’ve expanded into. They also put a lot of resources into creating links.

Identifying and Analyzing Connections between Competitors

What it will take to compete with those already in the positions we seek is something we need to figure out.

In general, more backlinks equals a higher search engine ranking. It’s not only the amount of backlinks that matter, but the number of referring domains that lead to a site. This is due to the fact that acquiring more connections from the same site has a very low marginal benefit after the initial acquisition.

ROI Estimation for Link Building

Your first order of business is to figure out your typical customer’s spending habits. This is crucial in trying to calculate the worth of visitors.

Keep in mind that this is merely an estimate of how much revenue is generated on average. Search engine results aren’t created equal. Not all motivations are meant to benefit the buyer. That’s just reality, thus no computation will ever be 100% accurate. But that’s great, all we’re doing is attempting to figure out if link building has a solid economic foundation.

If you run an online store or offer your service for direct online purchase, accepting payments through a secure server should be a breeze. Conversion and revenue tracking via a tool like Google Analytics should already be in place.