Best ways to make interesting videos for Instagram

Before the epidemic, companies and individuals put more emphasis on picture album feeds, but now people are more interested in watching videos.
With time, social media sites added functions that enticed more users to join.

For instance, Instagram’s IGTV and Reels features were both live or in development. Tiktok’s widespread prohibition in many nations was a major turning point. Tiktok was discontinued at this time in favour of Instagram Reels, despite the latter’s infancy and limited functionality.

What matters most when it comes to video material is not simply being able to put together moving pictures, but rather to put together films that are well-thought out and interesting to watch. To know why you’re doing it, what you want to say, where you want to place your information, and who you want to read it.

Let’s take a look at some best practises for producing video content that can help you achieve traction on social media.

Pay attention to the item being sold

Your product or brand should be front and centre at all times. There is a lot riding on the initial few seconds of a video. It draws in viewers and gets your company’s name embedded in their heads.

The importance of dimensions

The dimensions and aspect ratios of your videos should be customised for each platform you intend to distribute them on; there is no universal standard.

Aspect ratios of 4:3, 16:9, 1:1, and 21:9 are the most typical.
These are often adjusted as they’re being made, and their final shape relies much on the constraints of the particular social network in question.

Formats, aspect ratios, resolutions, and lengths are all platform-specific.
Instagram, for instance, lets you share videos with a 9:16 ratio, but the preview only displays in a 4:5 aspect ratio.

Plan for the absence of a noise

Subtitles are the only option for captioned videos to convey their intended meaning if the majority of the material consists of spoken words.
In order to add subtitles to your running video, you may utilise a video editor.
However, auto-captioning features are now built into platforms like Facebook and Instagram to make this process easier and more seamless for users.

To the point and unambiguous

Every day, Instagram sees the upload of hundreds of videos. Reels may be easily lost in the crowd, so it’s crucial to find ways to make yours stand out. Making films that are both brief and engaging is a certain approach to attract viewers’ full attention.
One method is to ensure that the video’s initial three to six seconds have a hook (something that draws attention) that will encourage the audience to keep going and watch at least 30 seconds.

Tempting image previews

A viewer’s decision to pause scrolling and tap on your thumbnail or cover picture to watch your content is heavily influenced by these visual cues.
In order to offer your audience an indication of what to anticipate from your videos and Instagram account in general, you can make unique Reels cover photos.

Apps like Canva have the specifications for an Instagram highlight reel cover. You need to Google “Instagram reels,” select a template, or come up with your own, customise the colours and content, and you’ll have a finished product.

Take it one message at a time

A video is much more interesting and captivating to watch than text or even another video. But it doesn’t mean you should cram everything into one super-duper-duper-long film.
Separate the meat of your video into digestible chunks. When you’re finished, your videos should be succinct and convey only one idea to your viewers.

Your content’s reach and subsequent click-through and engagement rates can be improved by using a message-based thumbnail.

Impact visually

For a visual site like Instagram, video should be at the top of your list of content types to produce. This is due to Instagram’s recent emphasis on video content and artists. They have made it public that their software is no longer designed for sharing square photos.

The good news is that everything you release will be successful. It aids in commanding attention, facilitating communication, and boosting participation in social activities.

Listen out for new music styles

In order to increase your video’s visibility in the reels feed, you need keep an eye on Instagram audio trending and create Reels utilising them. Because of the significance of sound in Reels, Instagram also included a dedicated audio search function. That’s right, in addition to accounts, hashtags, and locations, now you can now search for audio files.