Instagram Trends You Need To Know In 2023

Instagram had a fantastic year in 2018, but what does the next three years hold? Let’s go inside the hood to find out which Instagram trends are about to explode, which topics the service anticipates becoming the most popular, and what else we can learn.

In 2023, what does Instagram predict will be the newest fads?

Instagram will undoubtedly be a hot subject of conversation in 2023, so why not begin at the beginning, with the platform itself? As part of their annual Trend Report, Instagram teamed up with WGSN to identify the newest content trends for Gen Z in 2023. Let’s have a look at it.

Used goods stores and garage sales

To avoid contributing to the fast fashion industry, more than half of today’s Generation Z says it will make its own clothes this year. When they can’t afford anything, more than a quarter of this group tries to be frugal by buying something used instead of new. There will be plenty of room for creative budgetary solutions, do-it-yourself style inspiration, and more thanks to this.

Inclusive, value-based movements

While Instagram fads come and go, activism is here to stay. More individuals will invest time, energy, and resources into improving the communities and organisations they care about. These progressive, welcoming movements point in the right direction and should act as a message to Instagram businesses: adapt or perish.

Cosmetics with a focus on health and the environment

Makeup tips and tricks are widely shared and will receive more attention in the next year. Instead than relying on filters or effects, users of the next generation will utilise cosmetics to express themselves. Meanwhile, around two-thirds of them will invest in skin care items that offer protection from the sun and other environmental hazards. When creating material for Generation Z, it’s important to take into account issues that are meaningful to them, such as the impact of global warming. Right on target!

Making Money on the Side

A lot of people on Instagram in 2023 will be posting about money. Almost two-thirds of Generation Z users want to use Instagram for financial gain in 2018, and that number is only expected to grow.

Over 85% of Gen Z users plan to acquire new knowledge by 2023, and 25% of teenagers have expressed an interest in developing their financial literacy. If you’ve been holding off on turning a profit from a pet project or mastering a certain ability, you’d better get on it before your competition does.

Content related to food

In 2023, food hacks will continue to be a popular topic on Instagram and other social media. Why? It’s true that many like foreign traditions and food. That’s very cool! In fact, 68% of millennials and members of Gen Z said they would try a new cultural cuisine after reading about it online. Get on the bandwagon by stocking up on exotic delicacies from other countries.

Artistic and communal gatherings

Since the prior several years haven’t been typical, the anticipation of finally getting to meet in person is high. Almost a third of Gen Z users look forward to meeting up with their virtual pals in real life at conferences and other meet-and-greets.

AKA: the metaverse

Meta, Insta’s parent firm, has invested heavily in the virtual world. More than half of Generation Z social media users want to acquire fashion advice and inspo from avatars or digital influencers in 2023, so it’s no surprise that the metaverse has been hailed as a trend for Instagram.

But it’s a rough ride. Sixty-seven percent of millennials believe that avatars might do a better job of reflecting the variety of the actual world, especially with regards to clothing, body size, and skin tone. Something to think about if you want to test the waters of the metaverse.

In 2023, what will be the most popular posts on Instagram?

Now that we’ve reviewed Instagram’s guidelines for various types of material, we can turn our attention to the broader platform patterns we foresee developing in the year 2023.
Instagram Movies

Instagram Reels are usually a hot topic for trend discussions. There will probably be increased emphasis on Reels in Instagram’s algorithm with the popularity of TikTok and the new features included in YouTube Shorts.

User-created media

User-generated content makes sense to become a trend in 2023 as more companies join Instagram. UGC is material created by an account’s or brand’s fans or followers and added to the conversation using a specific hashtag.

It’s possible that more influencers may be paid to create sponsored content that appears to have been created by regular users now that Instagram users are demanding “real” material. Include a popular tune, publish the work rapidly, and you have a winner.

Promotional Memes

Indeed, people crave genuine experiences. Large organisations may present themselves as approachable if they capitalise on trendy memes and provide consumers with a good chuckle, something they can’t receive from brands. In the end, it’s hilarious conversation that may boost a company’s reputation if the tone is just right.

Innovative tools

When it comes to your digital identification in the year 2023, your face is just the beginning. How about virtual identities, NFTs? Instagram’s larger user base will soon have access to new technology, and early adopters have a good chance of seeing financial rewards.

Real-Time Instagram Shopping Live Shopping provided a much-needed lifeline during the epidemic, and it is expected to continue to expand. In fact, some industry watchers predict that by 2026, live shopping will make up 20% of all electronic commerce.

Enhanced material

In 2023, Instagram is a crowded platform where it might be difficult to stand out from the crowd and have your opinion heard. Because of this, people and businesses alike may begin frequently using enhanced material to increase interaction, sales, and favorability.