Instagram Will Allow Users To Save Draughts Of Their Stories

Instagram has confirmed that it would soon allow users to store draughts of stories in the same way that draughts of ordinary posts can be created.

Instagram has confirmed in an announcement that users will soon have the ability to compose tales and save them as draughts before publishing them.

Regular Instagram posts may be saved as draughts, but Instagram Stories have always required real-time creation.

There is currently no option to save a draught of an Instagram story if the user wishes to complete it later after giving it some further consideration.

The Instagram feature to store unfinished stories would be useful in a variety of situations.

Creating a Draught for Your Instagram Story

Instagram reports that 500 million monthly active users are seeing stories each day.

About a third of the most-viewed stories on Instagram originate from commercial enterprises.

This function allows companies to maintain visibility and encourage engagement, with one in five stories receiving a direct message from visitors.

Most companies understand this, as Instagram reports that more than half of all business accounts on the platform make use of stories at least once a month.

Influencers often approve of Instagram Stories as well. MediaKix has released a research detailing the efficacy of influencer marketing, and Instagram stories are shown to be the second most successful content format, after normal Instagram posts.

Given the foregoing, it’s important to examine tale draughts with a keener eye and consider how the feature might be included into the writing process rather than treated as an afterthought.

Make It Now, Release It Later

With the new feature to schedule stories, companies will have more leeway to create Instagram stories ahead of time and release them at a more convenient time.

This might be done in preparation for a major announcement, or just to hold content until a time when the target audience is more likely to be online.

Companies may write the material whenever they have the time, store it, and then release it when it will have the most impact on their readers.

Cooperative Work

The ability to save Instagram story draughts is a convenient feature for groups who collaborate on a single account.

Before a piece of material is published, members of a team can work together to contribute to and revise it. The process is quite similar to that of a team working together on a Google Doc or WordPress article.

Draughts are helpful if you’re a marketer whose customer requires final clearance of tales before they’re released.

Think About It Again

Some stuff is best kept in the draughts, but we seldom begin to question our own work until after it has been published.

It will soon be possible to store draughts of stories in case you change your mind while writing them.

You should expect Instagram to roll out this simple yet helpful update soon.