The Whole Truth About Making Money With Instagram Stories

Those Instagrammers also tend to be early adopters of novel items and fashions. Seeing a product and brand featured in Stories has increased interest of users. And half of those who have seen an item or service promoted in Stories claim they have purchased it online.

Instagram Stories: How to Use It

The photographs and videos shared on Instagram’s “Stories” feature are vertical and full screen, and they expire after 24 hours. They don’t show up in the feed, but rather at the very top on the Instagram app.

stickers, polls, and Instagram Story effects are just a few of the interactive features they use to make your work stand out. Here is a primer on how to initiate the layout.

Ways to see whom has seen the story you posted to Instagram

If your Insta Story is still active, meaning it has been less than 24 hours after you uploaded it, you may examine your visitor count by tapping the Your Story button in the upper right corner of the app’s home screen. You can see who saw your Instagram Story by tapping the number in the bottom left.

Establish the look and feel of your company.

Yes, we did just say that shoddy craftsmanship is fine. That doesn’t imply you can ignore visual branding basics. Take the KLM Story as an example; the content is presented in the airline’s traditional blue and white. The flight attendant is always there to remind you to swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Maintaining aesthetic cohesion helps build trust with your following; people should be able to identify your content without knowing your identity.

Using Instagram Story templates with predetermined colour schemes, fonts, gifs, and gif lengths is a good place to begin. Keep the voice of your brand consistent and everyone on the same page by documenting all of your design decisions in a style guide.

Stories-centric design applications abound to assist you do this right if you don’t have a team of designers and are a little unclear about where to start.

Maintain interest with fast editing and cutting.

Stories can display an image for 5 seconds, and a video for up to 15. But how often do you spend five seconds or more staring at a single image in Stories? I’m going to guess somewhere around never. The same is true for those who follow you.

Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, discovered that the average scene duration of successful Stories advertisements is only 2.8 seconds. Make use of fast cuts and constant motion in your video productions.

Stickers such animated GIFs or an animated text sticker may add action to otherwise static pictures, keeping the user engaged for longer.

Optimally use the first three moments

The best Stories get to the point inside the first three seconds or so. It seems quick, but if you do the math, you’ll see that there’s plenty of time to make your argument.

Viewers will be more likely to remain viewing your Story or, even better, swipe up to discover more if the graphics are consistent with your brand and highlight your USP right away.

The brand & brand promise are immediately apparent, the offer is front and center, and the call to action is brief and easy to understand in this advertisement from Matt & Nat.

Put in a call-to-action

Your Instagram Stories, like any other piece of marketing content, should end with a call to action. Where do you want your audience to go from here?

Although “swipe up” is an effective call to action, it may be worthwhile to emphasise this more. The text overlay in the preceding Matt and Nat advertisement reads “Swipe up to shop.”

Swipe Up may be replaced with more descriptive language in Instagram Stories adverts, such as Shop Now or Learn More.

Plan your stories ahead of time

Consistent Story posting is an effective strategy for maintaining interest among your followers, but it might be inconvenient to take time out of your day to develop and share new content with your followers.

Using the Hootsuite planner, you can compose and publish your Stories in advance. If you plan ahead, you can include your Stories into your social network posting schedule and other existing efforts, enhancing the effectiveness of both.