How to Advertise on Instagram for Your Best Results

There are several examples of well-known companies seeing the benefits of social media posting. In certain cases, companies use their own official social media accounts to provide content. Sometimes they partner with influential people to get their message out to more people. Instagram is currently one of the most widely used social media platforms, thanks to its meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years. Instagram advertising is a popular choice for many businesses because of its large user base and potential for high ROI.

Instagram features a simple, easy advertising market and provides a number of advertising possibilities.
Best practises for Instagram marketing:

Insta-Links That Can Be Clicked

Instagram has one major drawback from a business perspective. Regular Instagram posts don’t support clickable links, in contrast to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In your bio, you’re allowed a single active link.

Since Generation Z and Millennials are less likely to be exposed to advertisements, this has likely contributed to Instagram’s growth. But this also means that marketers had little to no use for Instagram for a while.

Marketing on Instagram

It’s important to check that your intended demographic already utilises Instagram before you start promoting there. Before investing in a social network that no one of interest to you uses, be sure you’ve done your research. Instagram ads may be a good fit if you’re trying to reach a younger demographic, or if your ideal consumer tends to be female.

Since Facebook now owns Instagram, the two platforms share a single advertising infrastructure. Advertisements on Facebook and Instagram can be placed wherever a company is willing to pay.
Ads on Instagram: How to Create Them From Within the App

Promoting your own posts is Instagram’s simplest form of advertising. Assuming you have an existing Instagram Business Profile and have begun posting to it, you can proceed. Here’s how you can get the word out about your posts:

  • Navigate to your company’s profile.
  • Click the status update you’d like to boost.
  • Choose Promote under the image in your post.
  • Please complete all fields that apply to your promotion. You’ll need to specify things like where you’ll send people, who you want to target, how much you’re willing to pay every day, and for how long your campaign will run.
  • Select Review > Create Promotion
  • If your Instagram post complies with the platform’s advertising guidelines, it will be promoted within the next hour.

Ads Manager for Facebook

The Facebook Ads Manager allows you to plan and execute comprehensive Instagram advertising campaigns. You may utilise the same methods for advertising on Facebook.

Visit the Ads Manager for Facebook.
Advertisements for Facebook, Instagram, and a few other Facebook applications are managed centrally through the Facebook Ads Manager. Whether you plan to promote on Facebook or not, you will utilise this.

Instagram advertising share a lot of commonality with Facebook advertisements in terms of the options available to you. Ad placement on Instagram, as opposed to Facebook and Messenger, is where you’ll see the most difference.

Determine Your Campaign Goals

Any Instagram marketing campaign, like any other, needs goals. The Facebook Ads Manager mandates this as part of the ad creation process to promote this.

Some Facebook Ads Manager objectives are not yet compatible with Instagram ads. Facebook and Instagram ads benefit greatly from the ability to zero down on a specific audience. Spending money to expose ads to people who are not potential customers is a waste of money.

Select Your Preferences

Here is where you’ll inform Facebook’s Ad Manager of exactly where you’d like your ads to appear. Because Instagram and Facebook are so similar, this is especially crucial if you only want to advertise on the former.

If you want your advertisements to display just on Instagram, you’ll need to change the default setting that enables Autoamic Placements across the Facebook family of applications. Your Instagram advertisement has the option of being displayed either in the main stream or as a Story.

Partners on Instagram

The third option for businesses looking to promote on Instagram is to collaborate with an official Instagram Partner. According to Instagram, its partners are “a set of experts vetted for excellence ready to help businesses grow on Instagram.” Marketers may have access to a team of qualified professionals that can assist them in increasing sales.

Partners on Instagram provide a variety of services to businesses, including ad setup, community management, media purchasing, content creation, and content sourcing.

Instagram Ad Categories

Visual Ads

The majority of Instagram advertisements that users encounter are visual in nature. These, as the name suggests, combine an image with accompanying text. Selecting a Call to Action button for your image ad will prompt the target audience to perform a predetermined task. This allows you to direct users to a specific URL via the CTA.

Ads on Instagram may be both still photos and short videos. Similar to image advertisements, video ads include a short video (60 seconds or less) instead of a static image.

Ad Carousels

With carousel ads, you can combine multiple images into one ad that the user can scroll through. For Carousel advertising to be effective, there must be some unifying theme throughout the images. They work well for visually striking products. A variety of apparel items or a selection of dishes from a menu are two examples. Up to ten photos or videos can be used in a single advertisement.

Promotional Articles

These advertisements resemble those found in an Instagram feed but are presented in the form of a Story. There is no limit to the number of pages you may add to a Story, and they all expire after 24 hours.