How To Get More Followers On Instagram?

Understanding your Instagram numbers is the first step towards growing your company on the platform. But what exactly should you be tracking and calculating on Instagram?Looking at your statistics might be daunting, but in this piece, we’ll simplify things by highlighting the top six KPIs that can propel your Instagram account (and company) to new heights.

Find Out How Effective Your Content Is by Tracking the Engagement Rate

To use Instagram Insights within the app and run your own statistics and metrics, you’ll need a business profile.Your Instagram engagement rate should be the first metric you look at when deciding which to track.Since not all of your followers will see or be interested in each Instagram post, your engagement rate will tell you how many of them are actually doing so.Instagram does not automatically assess your engagement rate, but you can see your reach and total likes, comments, and saves under “view insights”:
The formula for engagement is as follows: (likes + comments) / followers.
Likes and comments can be used in place of followers to get the right engagement rate. When compared to your total number of followers (where many likely didn’t see your post), using your reach numbers provides more accurate proof because it is divided by the actual number of users who view your post.

Monitor discovery metrics to enhance your Instagram hashtag strategy

If you want to know where your audience is coming from and how they stumbled upon your post, go no further than the Discovery section of your Instagram Insights.Visit your profile and choose the image for which you would want to view the corresponding Discovery metrics.
Total number of times your post has been viewed, measured in “impressions.” These KPIs include the number of people who saw your post while scrolling through their feed, visited your profile to learn more, or received a direct message from you.Reach: The Reach of your posts is proportional to the amount of people that see them, much like the Impressions. However, instead of figuring it out based on how many people saw your content, it figures it out based on how many different people saw it. This means that even if one of your followers visits your profile and views your articles many times in a single day, they will only be counted once in your Reach statistics.The overall number of views, together with information on how each viewer discovered your post, is displayed under the Impressions heading.For this purpose, the ‘From hashtags’ measure on Instagram is the most relevant. If this number is high, then people are following the hashtags you used and finding your post through the Explore page.

Recognise When Viewership Has Decline

You need to be using Instagram Stories if you want to do business on Instagram.Why? It’s the best place to show off your personality and off-camera antics to your audience, while also connecting with them on a more personal and lighthearted level.If you want to be taken seriously as a storyteller, you should start looking into the specifications for Instagram Stories. How many people have swiped through or tapped to the next Instagram record’s accounts is the Next Story metre, and it may tell you a lot about your audience’s interest (or lack thereof) in your accounts.Your Next Stories metrics will be our first order of business. To view your current stories, simply tap your profile picture on Instagram. Then, swipe up for a complete analysis of your narrative:If your Instagram Story’s Next Story numbers are highest in the middle or in the beginning, it means viewers were disinterested and wanted to go on to another story.You can see how engaged your followers are in your Instagram Stories material by looking at the Next Story stats.

You Must Track Your New Subscriber Growth

The term “Impressions” refers to the overall number of times your post has been seen, while “Reach” refers to the number of unique accounts that have seen your post.If you desire more followers on Instagram, one of the most useful metrics to monitor is your Reach, which shows how far your posts have spread beyond your current audience.Instagram Insights allows you to monitor your weekly and daily impressions within the app itself.

Create Epic IGTV Content by Analysing Viewership Statistics

Check out your Average Percentage Watched rate to see whether people are actually viewing your IGTV videos in their entirety.As an average across all plays, this represents the fraction of your videos that were actually viewed by an audience.Analytics for Instagram Videos (AWR)Users may easily move through or watch only a small portion of a video by using the forward arrow, so while this percentage may indicate that 31% of our video was viewed, it may not necessarily refer to the first 31%.A viewer could skip through your video for a variety of reasons, including disinterest in the subject matter, lack of time, and/or having already obtained the information they sought at the beginning of the video.

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