How to Share Content on Instagram from Your Computer?

While Instagram primarily serves mobile users, there are several simple methods for uploading content from a desktop computer. In this post, we update the several methods by which you can upload photos and videos from your computer to Instagram while remaining in compliance with Instagram’s policies. Make use of these resources, and you’ll be all set!
In 2020, there were new restrictions placed on what you may upload from your desktop to Instagram, so we updated this page to reflect those changes. I’ll never stop preferring Instagram on my mobile device. However, there are occasions when you’d rather utilise a desktop to plan ahead and organise your social media postings.

This article will teach you the best practises for posting to Instagram from your computer, so you can promote your company effectively.

If we’re going to upgrade it, why wait until 2020?
Until recently, there were only a handful of ways to upload content to Instagram from a desktop, and almost all of them required the use of a third-party app. The issue here was that it was obscure which tools actually had Instagram’s authorization. The good news is that there are now several legitimate options for controlling your Instagram account from a personal computer.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the resources, beginning with a rundown of the primary desktop-based Instagram posting options:

To post from your PC to Instagram (either automatically or manually with a reminder delivered to your phone), use a Marketing Partner tool that Instagram accepts.
To share videos or photos from Instagram or Facebook directly from your computer, use the Facebook Creator Studio.
To upload photos from your computer to Instagram, you may use a Microsoft Surface device.
It’s possible that there are more approaches, but I’ll just be discussing them for the time being, and I’ll explain why. The third-party apps I’ll be discussing are fantastic and will add functionality to your Instagram experience that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Quick Instagram disclaimer

When using Instagram, you must abide by the app’s terms of service. This implies that features like auto-posting, scheduling, bots, and auto-commenting are all severely hindered by Instagram’s API.

You (and your customer, employer, or business) are at danger if you use a technology that “gets around the API.”

I’ve had success with the following three approaches (and the corresponding software) for the time being. In this technique, you may safely upload anything from your home computer to Instagram.

How to Share Content on Instagram from Your Computer?

Post in advance with an Instagram Partner App
The Instagram mobile app is my favourite way to share photos on the fly. But it’s fantastic for efficiency when I can plan ahead and upload many pictures or stories at once.

In this case, you can use one of Instagram’s official marketing partner apps. I’ll give you my top three picks down below.


One of my go-to apps for scheduling posts on Instagram is Later. Later’s appeal lies in the fact that it was originally designed with Instagram in mind but has since been expanded to include support for Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter as well. Later’s primary focus has always been helping Instagram entrepreneurs grow their businesses.
As you can see, Later is packed with useful tools, and new ones are being developed all the time. Among the many wonderful qualities about Later are:

You may plan, schedule, and publish to several Instagram accounts (either manually from your phone, or automatically at a certain time). You may schedule posts using the calendar and preview them in a grid format. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest will all see your updates at the same time later.
Keep your material in one place with the help of a media library, which allows for batch-uploading of photographs and subsequent labelling and categorization.
You may direct your followers to a specific landing page where they can click on any image to be taken to a specific link by using the “Link in Bio” option. It’s finally over with the broken links! Now users may purchase directly from their Instagram feeds.


Agorapulse also lets you schedule posts in advance and publish them with a single click from your mobile device or set them to publish automatically. Agorapulse is the best all-around platform for scheduling content, sharing it, and engaging with your audience, in my opinion. Why? It’s a lot more versatile than just an Instagram uploader.
But for the time being, let’s concentrate on Instagram uploads from a computer. Some highlights of Instagram Administration include the following:

Keep track of your Instagram messages in one centralised inbox.
It’s important to respond to both organic and promoted Instagram comments.
Tools for community administration
Post comments can be deleted and hidden, either by the author or automatically.
Use canned responses and “assign to” tools to rapidly address user posts.


When it comes to planning pins for Pinterest, Tailwind has always been my tool of choice. Yet, Tailwind is also an Instagram marketing partner, which you may not have known. When it comes to scheduling posts on Instagram, Tailwind’s platform is among the finest available.
Tailwind for Instagram has a number of useful features, such as:

  • Time your photos and videos, either manually using push alerts or automatically with Auto-Posting, One-Click Hashtag options – These appear as you write a hashtag and include both common and uncommon options.
  • SmartSchedule can help you determine when people are most receptive to your content.
  • Use Instagram’s in-built ‘Content Plans’ feature to map out your feed in advance.You may direct your followers to a landing page full with links and material through your bio, and the page will be updated automatically in the background.