5 Actionable Link Building Tips To Gain More Engagement On Your Website

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Link-building is essential to improve the organic visibility and rankings of your website. No matter about your business, if it is small or running lots of blogs. For every business site, link-building is a key for improving their business. But finding the right technique is challenging for all marketers. The rules and techniques of link-building are changing every month. Once your website starts to run and is active for a few months, the performance will grow faster. Follow this article, to know some link-building tips for ranking on search engines. 

1. Internal Links

Internal links will be created within your website to go from one page to another. Internal linking is a way to help visitors dig deeper within your website. Choose a good keyword phrase in your content to add internal links for your inner page or home page. Adding internal links to your website is worth increasing your engagement rate. 

Benefits Of Internal Linking:

  • Pass link juice to other pages and improves page authority
  • Decrease overall bounce rate of the web page
  • Helps to improve keyword rankings if your page has relevant content
  • Internal linking improves the chances of crawling and indexing the website
  • Improves your old blog post-performance by sending traffic and exposure

2. Local Business Citations

Local link building is a perfect backlinking opportunity for local business sites. You can drive more traffic and links from many users who regularly use local searches to find business. 

Local business citations are a powerful key to improving your positions in local search results. For local citations, you need to provide three terms named i.e. Name, Address, and Phone number. When you create a local business citation, make sure if you give the same address you feature on the website. The citation links are important for local rankings and help search engines to verify your business location. Links from bing local, yellow pages, and yelp will build trust and create authority for your website.

3. Building Links From Trusted Websites

The internet has a lot of spam websites and Google has to weed them out and provide only trusted websites in search results pages. Building backlinks from quality websites is the most important step to increase your site’s authority. When you get backlinks from authority sites, it is a signal for search engines that you have quality content. To improve your rankings in local search results, you can buy guest posting services from high authority sites. Many websites and blogs mention Wikipedia in their content. The reason behind this is that Wikipedia increases its backlink count and site authority faster. Google considers Wikipedia as a highly relevant source and ranks your site on search engine results.

4. Infographics

Creating infographics on your site is a great way to promote backlinks. It is an easy and perfect way to increase your organic reach. 

Tips to create successful infographics for your website:

  • Build simple, relevant infographics for your target audience
  • Maintain curiosity content to the end
  • Infographics size should be 1500 to 2000 pixels to load quickly
  • Use a maximum of three colors and only two fonts 
  • Add facts, pictures and give credit to another source
  • Create impressive charts and graphs for your audience
  • Add 200 to 300 words unique description and add variations for your targeted keywords
  • Create an attractive headline for your infographic

5. Link-Building With Question-Based Sites

Question-based sites are a nice way to drive traffic to your website, increase authority and build awareness about your brand. Thousands of people want to ask questions and find answers, the latest facts, and statistics. The Q/A websites such as Quora, wiki answers, and yahoo answers are the right places to get answers to your questions. 

The popular Q/A sites on the internet:

  • Answerbag
  • Blurtit
  • Stackoverflow
  • Answers
  • Ask Deb
  • Ask me help desk
  • Moz community


A proper backlink strategy will always provide better results in Google’s ranking position and traffic.  You should spend some time optimizing your website performance. Use all the above techniques to improve your website ranking and visibility faster.